Teddy Bear Teddies

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Last updated 6/14/19
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 First time guinea pig owner?  I highly recommend reading the information on this site:  http://www.merckvetmanual.com/mvm/exotic_and_laboratory_animals/rodents/guinea_pigs.html

Here is another helpful site https://wheeklyreader.wordpress.com/about/ 

 You can find more useful sites on my LINKS page.

 *Terms of sale*


Cavies listed as AVAILABLE on this page are available as first-come-first-serve or can be reserved for a short time with a deposit.

If you decide you want to purchase a cavy but cannot pick it up for at least few days, I will accept $10 deposit towards the total through paypal($0.50 processing fee applies) or check after which I will hold the animal for up to 10 days from the date listed as available until it is able to be picked up.  If you fail to pick it up within 10 days of my receiving the deposit, your holding fee is forfeit and the cavy is re-listed as available for others.  I ONLY ACCEPT CASH FOR BALANCE OWED AT PICK-UP

Research has strongly suggested that guinea pigs (who are social animals) be kept in pairs or groups to keep each other company, so I recommend getting two of the same sex for pets so they don't get lonely (especially if you are getting babies).

Baby males are ready to leave at 4 weeks of age and baby females at 4 1/2 weeks if they will have a cage mate. Babies do not transition well if housed alone.  Babies under 8 weeks old will only be sold that young IF they have a cage mate.  If they will not have a companion, you will have to choose something that is 8 weeks old or older.  Each guinea pig has a unique temperament which sometimes clash so I cannot guarantee that any number of them (male or female) housed together will get along all throughout their life.

Due to uncontrollable, environmental circumstances, I can not guarantee the health of a guinea pig once it leaves my care. However, I do guarantee the guinea pig is healthy at the time of sale. This does not mean that they are vet checked, that is done at the buyers expense.  This means that they are free of any apparent signs of illness.  If  you have an animal vet checked within 48hrs of bringing it home and the vet finds something wrong with it, you can return it for a full refund of the purchase price (no refund for the vet bill). 

As per vet recommendations, I encourage any buyer to quarantine any new animals for 2 weeks prior to introducing them to your current guinea pig/s

NOTE: I reserve the right to cancel or refuse a sale at anytime at my discretion if I feel that the animal will not be properly taken care of.

TRANSPORTATION: Buyer is responsible for transportation.  I am located 15 min south of Reading, PA.  I have very limited time  so I will give first preference to individuals who can pick up animals near my residence.  I can deliver to shows I am planning on attending-see my HOME page for a listing of shows.  If you live more then 2hrs away, I may be able to meet you 30-45min from my residence depending on my schedule (extra gas fee will apply).

United Pet Safe is a transportation service I've heard good things about them, but have not used them myself

 All animals have three generation pedigrees unless noted otherwise.  Please indicate if you would like to have the pedigree at time of pick-up.

If you would like to purchase an animal posted as "AVAILABLE" or if you have any questions you can email me at [email protected]


If at any time you find you can no longer care for you Teddy and are unable to find them a suitable home, I would be happy to take them back until I can find another suitable home for them (no refunds for returns unless I feel they would be useful in my breeding program then a partial refund would apply).

General pricing guideline for babies and young guinea pigs:

*Some prices will vary according to show quality*

Male- $25  

Female- $30 

Broken color or tri color male- $30

Broken color or tri color female- $35-40

$5 discount if you purchase a pair

Retired breeders and adults range from FREE to $15 Let me know if you would be interested in adopting a retired breeder.

Prices of individuals for sale are marked (see below).


If you decide to purchase a guinea pig from me, you are agreeing to my TERMS OF SALE whether you have read them or not.


All animals for sale have DARK EYES unless otherwise noted (any redness is due to the camera flash).  



Boars (males)

Two boars can live happily if put together at a young age or putting a young one with an older one.


TBT Gold boar $20
Sire: TBT Sputnik (cream)
Dam: Campfire Butterscotch (gold)
Date of birth: May 24, 2019


Sows (females)

Several 3yr old retired sows FREE to a non-breeding home.
Located in Boiling Springs, PA
Contact Chris at [email protected] for details and availability